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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I Check My Email?
  2. What Area dose our ISP cover?
  3. What is V.92?
  4. What is the Difference in Accelerated Dialup & Stander Dialup?  
  5. What is DSL?

How do I Check My Email?

There are 3 way to check your email...

   1st) way is to click on the "Check Your Email" button on the REI Computers web site, it will go to the mail server interface
          where you inter your email name (only note: you do not need the here) 

   2nd) is type in the address bar of Internet Explorer Browse.It will go to the mail server interface
          where you inter your email name ( note: you do not need the here) 

  3rd) way is to use and email program like Outlook Express, Eudora, ... that will download your email to your PC.


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What Area dose our ISP cover?

We Serve the Swainsboro & Emanuel County Area with Local Dial-up Access, and Web Hosting.
Out Side Swainsboro & Emanuel County, See Our Complete List of Access numbers

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What is the Difference in Accelerated Dialup & Stander Dialup?  

standard (56k V.90 or 56k V.92) modems

Fast dialup or Accelerated Dialup is a compression software technology that allows you to increase your current Internet browsing speeds up to 5 time faster the 

How does Accelerated Dialup work?

Accelerated Dialup when you request pages from the World Wide Web or from an email message the data is first routed to a compression server, located in and Tier-1 Data Center facility, where it is quickly and automatically reduced in size. Once compressed, a lot more data can be sent over traditional wired (and wireless) telephone lines. When the information is received at your computer, it is automatically decompressed. Web pages and email messages look normal and arrive for your viewing much faster!

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What is DSL?

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technology delivers high-speed Internet access into your home. Using your existing telephone line, it delivers download speeds of 5 to 100 times faster than standard (56k) modems. The service lets you send data and voice over the same line so you can talk or fax while you surf.
A DSL modem on your phone line splits your single phone line into two frequencies - one for data and one for voice. This allows you to make and receive phone calls without interrupting the Internet connection.

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What is V.92?

V.92 is the latest in modem technology. With your V.92 modem, you will be able to*:

Get rid of your second phone line!
If you have Call Waiting from your local phone company, your V.92 modem with its "Modem On Hold" software can let you know you have a call. You will be able to put your modem "on-hold" and answer your phone without losing your Internet connection!* If you have Caller ID, your Modem-On-Hold software will let you know who is calling! 

V.92 modems are gradually becoming the industry standard, so you should be able to find them wherever modems are sold. If you are purchasing a new computer, it may or may not have a V.92 modem already installed.

Will my V.92 modem work if I connect over a non-V.92 access number?

Yes. V.92 modems will allow you to connect to the Internet and surf as you normally would over non-V.92 access numbers. However, you will not be able to take advantage of the special features of your V.92 modem, including Modem-On-Hold.

* Not all V.92 features are currently supported. Modem-On-Hold functionality limited to a few minutes of hold time after which your online session will be disconnected. Modem-On-Hold functionality may not available during the login process.

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