ONEMONTH of Internet Service!

Discover a whole new Internet with REI Computers DSL. You experience more of the Internet - quicker. Higher-speed DSL Internet Service gives you faster access to the things you love - online shopping, e-mail, digital photos, homework helper, movie trailers, e-tickets and instant news. It's easy to see the value our DSL brings to you & your whole family!

Included With All DSL Setup

  1. Surf the Web and access e-mail without the delays and hassles of dial-up.
  2. Download large files, enjoy streaming video and online games at super-fast speeds.
  3. Talk and surf at the same time
  4. 2 mailboxes per account*
  5. 5 MB storage per mailbox
  DSL Stranded - Faster DSL High Speed Fastest


  •  Up to 3Mbps downstream X 384Kbps upstream
  • Twice as fast as FastAccess DSL Stranded, so you can download, surf and e-mail at lightning-fast speeds

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